“So you’re just playing all day?”

27 April 2009

I have always felt a certain negativity towards people who work with children:

So whereabouts are you working?

Oh I’m working in a Kindergarden.

Oh, so you’re actually just playing all day??

Yeah, right.

I am working in a Kindergarden since 8 weeks now and this was the hardest job I’ve ever done and I am sick of people thinking that “we are just playing all day”. I want to see these people try to survive one day in a place like this. I’m just going to try to give you an impression of what happens in the Kindergarden.

6.45am: I leave the house and travel all around London.

8.15am: I start work. I arrive on time and start carrying heavy boxes out of the shed into the room. This happens until 8.50. The whole Kindergarden needs to be constructed every morning and taken down every afternoon. No exceptions.

8.50am: We have a quick meeting with all staff members to discuss the plan for the day. We work on certain topics to teach them about a topic such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Animals, Garden… We learn about the fact that 4 children started potty training over the holidays. And probably we notice that due to sickness we’re short off staff and it’s going to be a messy day.

9.00am: The first parents arrive on time. Always on time in the mornings and never on time at picking up time. We greet children and start providing activities trying to deal with the 5 children crying for Mummy. They scream cry, snot dribbling from their otherwise cute faces, they run aways and whatever you say to them they won’t listen and they won’t understand.

9.45am-10.30am: Now it’s free play. Most children have arrived and we usually are able to get most tantrums in control. Now the real fun starts. Just playing. Playing with the cars trying to keep the children from punching each others, judging as fairly as possible about things you haven’t seen, wipe snotty noses, stop noses from bleeding after accidents, just playing basically.

10.30am: Time for nappy changing and toilet. Same shit different day trying to convince children to get their nappy changed and explain them that everyone has to go to the toilet and that you have to wash your hands after you made poo-poo.

10.45am: Tidy-Up Time: Singing a song to try and make the children realise that there is no playing anymore and that now EVERYONE tidies up. Massive discussions with at least 4 children at a time.

11am finally: Time to go outside. After another 15 mins of fighting and crying we finally managed to convice all children to put most of their clothing items on.

11am-12am: The playground. Just playing. And making sure the little ones don’t wet themselves and don’t punch each other and are fair in taking turns and and and. Well just playing.

12am lunch time. We walk back to the KIndergarden with 20 children trying to explain them traffic and keeping them from running and jumping alongside the road.

12.15pm: Discussions about handwashing start. Like a robot you repeat yourself and tell the children that they aren’t going to start eating until everyone has washed their hands. You discover by smell that 2 out of 4 children who potty train have already made wee-wee and poo-poo into their trousers. And if that wasn’t bad enough a 3 year-old manages to wet the complete bathroom (walls as well as toilet) becaue he refuses to sit down for a wee-wee.

12.30pm: We start “eating”. Children and aduts eat together at one table. No break. You’re continuously picking up food from the floor and have to get up to get kitchen roll to wipe yoghurts from shirts and clothes. You continuously reming some children about the fact that now eating is priority and not talling or day-dreaming.

1pm: Naptime. Time to get the littleones into the sleeping area for naptime. You’re having discussions with seven children who simply don’t want to sleep. You finally sit down in the sleeping area to read or tell a story. A boring and repetitive story, to make them sleepy. Oh you actually never manage to properly tell the story because you continuously have to tell the children to be quiet, lie down, stop kicking people lying next to them, stop playing with their feet… Well, it’s all just playing. Finally half of them fall asleep – wow, how lucky. Then you start packing all toys back into boxes while the other children are outside playing.

2pm-3pm. Garden Time. Children playing in the garden falling from their bikes, crashing on stones. You wipe some more blood of their faces and try to calm them down, and you keep reminding the little ones that sharing is caring. And of course you provide continuous entertainment.

3pm Pick up Time. You just want to go home because your working day finishes at 3.30 but unfortunately at least 3 parents don’t manage to pick up their children on time which means you can’t clean up and help cleaning boxes so you don’t make it home on time.

4pm Time to go.

Never forget that you always have to be fair, enthusiastic, loving and caring as well as strict and entertaining. AT ALL TIMES.

So please next time you want to say that working with children is just playing think twice.



9 April 2009



8 April 2009

Skateboarder, Southbank

A very personal desk (Geliebter Schreibtisch)

29 March 2009

StyleSpion one of my favourite German Blogs, asked their members to take a picture of their desk (pref. at home) and submit via the comment function of the blog or their flickr group. So I decided to take a pic of my desk as well.

My own very personal desk

I know, the most intelligent of my readers will have noticed already that my desk is, well, not really a desk. I’m sharing a room with my boyfriend who has a desk for his computer. I do actually have a tiny table upstairs in my own room – but I virtually never use it. It looks more like a book shelf.

For the first pics of other’s desks check here. A whole collection is to  be published later.

Childish Behaviour at it’s best

29 March 2009

Our houseshare is great. It’s fun, the people are trustworthy and really nice and they became friends. BUT there is also this other person…

One of the reasons why our houseshare is great, is that there is actually only one rule: Don’t piss other people off. To me this is the best rule ever as this involves “clean up after yourself”, “don’t play loud music at 3am” and any other rule you could come up with. So far this has worked great. I joined the houseshare 9 months ago (the houseshare runs since 6 years) and I love it.

BUT what do you do if somebody extremely retarded is living with you, who…

… leaves the hoover in the hallway for at least a week and when you complain because you keep falling over it in the dark says: “Maybe I am going to hoover”.

… is so retarded that she can’t even remember what cutlery plates, cups, pots or whatever she used the night before.

… occupies the living room as if it was her own. NEVER hoovering the floor full of  crumbs that she probably produced.

… prefers to sleep in the living room as well.

… never cleans the bathroom.

… never empties any bin.

… never hoovers the hallway covered in her hair.

… always leaves the light on in her room even if she is not in for hours.

… sometimes sleeps with the light on as well.

… tends to cover the kitchen in the food when she’s “cooking”.

… leaves the fire in the living room on when she goes to bed.

… … …

If you confront her the only thing she can do is rant and try to take attention from her by pointing out other people’s so called faults that are virtually no problem.

If you move the cutlery I have used how am I supposed to know it is mine???

Maybe because you’re the only one in this house that eats a ton of brownies and leaves knifes all covered in chocolate? That’s quite obvious.

I have never in my life used the pizza cutter!!!

Yeah and of course you’ve never in your life eaten pizza, especially not the one a few weeks ago where you covered half of the kitchen in flour again.

Where do you get your evidence from???

This is not even worth a comment.

I cleaned everything up I’ve used in the last 2 weeks!!!

Yeah and what about the stuff from 2 months ago that’s still there?

All of this just makes me wonder how you’re supposed to deal with that. Saying nothing results in nothing happening. Saying something makes this person angry and behave like a 5 year old and even though things are quite obvious she still refuses to do anything.

All this is just starting to become so annoying that I’m open for any creative ideas solving this problem.

Sunshine my only sunshine…

19 March 2009

Who ordered the good weather? WOW… heading for Richmond Park today, to enjoy the sunshine.

Have a great day all of you.

Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

19 March 2009

Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

Canary Wharf

12 February 2009

As the weather was brilliant yesterday morning, I decided to go to Canary Wharf to take some pictures. By the time I got there it was cloudy, cold and miserable as always. Have a look at them if you’re interested.

Canary Wharf


10 February 2009

…unfortunately doesn’t always help. Especially if you misspell soybean and suddenly it turns into an evil spybean.

Snowy London

4 February 2009

It is incredible what happens to London when the people are blessed with an unusual amount of snow. I took the chance to take a walk around Walthamstow Village, which looked quite cute in the snow. More pics later in my picasaweb gallery.


St Marys Churchyard, Walthamstow Village









Child playing in snow









VW Van buried in Snow