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Random bus ride (1)

31 January 2009

My boyfriend and me like to spend time at the weekends doing random bus rides, to see some other places in London. If the day is nice enough we like taking walks around the town centre and take some pictures.

Today we made our way on the Piccadilly down to Hammersmith and got a random bus down to Richmond and then another one down to Kingston. I really enjoyed the second bus ride as it took us past Richmond Park and the beautiful area around the German school in London. 

Shopping in Kingston is definitely very different, from shopping in Central London, with large areas being pedestrianised. They even have a Lush which is definitely one of my favourite shops. 

About 4pm we decided to get on a random bus to the next tube station, as it got really cold. We got on a bus at 5pm but traffic was horrible! We reached Wimbledon station at 6.30 and were back in Walthamstow at 8pm. It never took me soo long before, to get home. Now it’s time for tea. I’m freezing.

Snow in London?

29 October 2008

I still can’t believe it. And the worst bit is, if the guy on TV hadn’t mentioned, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.